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The RightForBucks Organization is a 501c(4) non-profit established in Pennsylvania by Bucks County businessman and former candidate for Congress, Andy Meehan. RightForBucks (R4B) was formed for the purpose of advocating for the Prosperity, Liberty and Safety of the people of Bucks County through education, advocacy, entertainment and events. R4B has no ties to any political party or candidate. This organization and its activities are driven by a guiding set of principles and values, and will support political organizations and people that share our values and will boldly stand up for them with pride and strength without apology.

Here are our priorities:

  • Engaging, motivating, organizing, and educating the voters of Bucks County.
  • Preserving our Constitutional Republic form of government. We strongly oppose the political Left’s effort to “fundamentally transform America” into a corrupt vassal state of the Communists and Globalists seeking to tear our nation apart from within via a takeover of all of our government institutions, entertainment industry, corporate media, and Big Tech.
  • Exposing and opposing corruption in government and the centralization of power into the hands of a small gang of well-connected bureaucrats, lobbyists, political party elites, and career politicians who, together, have sold out our county, and who actively work against our interests as tax-paying citizens.
  • Pushing back against the never-ending effort to expand the size and scope of the federal government, run up the national debt and take over all aspects of our lives from education to healthcare and beyond.
  • Promote and embrace the concept of American exceptionalism and the revolutionary spirit that our Republic was founded on; We stand for personal responsibility, the dignity of the individual that comes from earning one’s own keep through gainful employment and being able to keep the fruits of one’s own labor; We seek a preservation of our God-given rights and civil liberties through a strict interpretation of the US Constitution and devotion to the Rule of Law equally applied to all citizens of the Republic.
  • Support and promote the “America First” conservative populist agenda of repatriating jobs, manufacturing and capital to America; We support security and immigration policies that place the safety and prosperity of American citizens first and foremost.

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